How to Look More Muscular


By Vicky Phipps, a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Most guys know that looking or being muscular can get them attention from the opposite sex, but there are other long-term benefits. Most guys probably never think "looking muscular" could help them get a job or get chosen for a promotion. But your looks can help you. Here is why...

To get initially considered for a job interview, it can be all about having the right creds or most experience on a resume, or "who you know" as a referral, but once you are in the job interview, it is all about whether the people at the interview want to work with you or not!

You can appeal to the deep-seated human animalistic emotions of female recruiters. And male interviewers will assume you have the dedication and perseverance to stick to a plan, while others are busy eating potato chips and playing video games. They might assume you are a badass and may be a tough negotiator if you have physical strength.

These assumptions may be incorrect, but people are fallible and all make snap judgments. Clearly, if you look more muscular than the next guy who has the same experience, it can be an advantage. Muscles can be impressive. But you don't go to a job interview shirtless, so you much choose the right shirt to wear. Business shirts come in fitted and standard cuts. So, even in a job interview, the choice of shirt can make a difference.

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This article gives you some recommendations on how to look, appear or become more muscular in these three ways:

  • Looking more muscular than you are - by the clothing you choose
  • Giving the appearance of being more muscular in photos or video
  • Becoming more muscular - by building muscle

Choosing the "Right" Clothing to Make Yourself "Look" More Muscular

Just because your body is covered by fabric does not mean people cannot judge your muscularity. Girls size up men even when they are fully clothed. Its all about how you fill your shirt and which shirt you wear! This is why you do not want to wear a baggy shirt, which is often a free giveaway at a contest or expo. And there are ways to "look" more muscular than you are in reality. Let's start with your shirt.

Shirts Have Different Cuts & Fits

There are many different cuts and shapes of shirts and pants. To illustrate, consider game-worn football jerseys. They are rarely the same as a the replica jerseys you buy in the store. They have special cuts and side panels to allow for shoulder pads to fit. They have a V-shape. While your shoulders do not take up as much space as a pair of linebacker shoulder pads on a body, your shoulders and lat muscles should give you a general V shape (if you have been doing your muscle-building correctly.

And if you do not have well-developed lat and shoulder muscles, ever more the more reason to pay attention to shirt patterns and styles. You need all the camouflaging you can get! You should choose a shirt that has a fit that has a general V shape and allows for the deltoid muscles to be displayed correctly. Tapered shirts will produce a more V shape. Buy shirts with a small percentage of lycra.

Shirt Sleeves Can Either Disguise or Show Off The Arm Muscles

Shirt sleeves are a great factor in displaying your muscularity because of the many different lengths and cuts of sleeves. Different shirt sleeves can lay on your arms to make your triceps and biceps appear more pronounced. Fashion trends vary through the year on this, but one tactic is to choose a sleeve length that ends in the middle of the biceps without covering the trip and has a slightly stretchy fabric that can give the allusion that your biceps are bursting through the sleeves - that the muscle is stretching the fabric.

Of course, you can eliminate the need to judge sleeves altogether by wearing or making a sleeveless shirt. In some people's minds, you may come across as overly advertising your muscles, depending on where you wear s sleeveless shirt. Remember, it is all about subtlety. Advertising without letting people know you are consciously advertising.

How to Cut a Shirt into a Muscle Shirt

A little about cutting a shirt to "make it sleeveless." The key to making (cutting) a sleeveless shirt is to cut it so that your lats are visible - without cutting off too much of the fabric. yes you are showing off your arms. Showing off the biceps and tris is obvious. But it is the lats that will give a sneak peak to your overall muscularity. As a rule of thumb, the cut should end 2 inches above your lowest rib. Cut the shirt too much and people will wonder why you are wearing a shirt at all.

You do not need to become an expert on the patterns and cut of men's shirts. You only need another pair of eyes to judge how the shirt looks on your body. Therefore, take another person with you if you shop in a store. If you wish to avoid the store, we have recommended a few-sure-fire choices for shirt that you can order through Amazon and be assured they will form fit your body. If you shop in a store and are considering styles that are not on our recommended short list, you just need his eyes and "instant reaction" to the shirt you are considering buying. If he does not immediately nod in his approval, it probably will not work for the hundreds of people who will pass you during the day when you wear the shirt and they make instant decisions about your musculature and looks.

Color of Shirts Affects How Your Muscles "Appear"

Color of shirts makes a difference because different colors and types of fabrics reflect light differently. To, explain, your chest is like a mountain valley: with peaks and canyons. The sun never shines evenly over every inch of a mountain plain. There will always be shadows. The same goes for your torso. Select a shirt that catches the light right. Try it on and slowly turn 180 degrees around while watching for the light on the fabric.

Any fabric that has a shine to it or metallic threading will definitely catch the light best. But don't go overboard. Subtlety in fabrics is just as important as subtlety when males wear makeup as discussed here. These shiny shirts are best for clubs and bars where there is less light. Other peoples' pupils are fully dilated in dark clubs and will pick up any light in the club - especially any light reflecting off your shirt's threads. Pick the right shirt and it will subtlety attract eyeballs. Once again, we plead with you: do not go overboard. Do not fall for shirts that make you look like a douch-bag. A shirt with a blend of 5 percent or less of shiny or metallic fabric is the limit.

8 Recommended Form-Fitting Shirts For Looking As Muscular as You Possibly Can

Here are the compression muscle shirts and spandex muscle shirts we recommend. You can order any of these shirts through

Under Armor shirts - one of the original makers of clothing for athletes, it is difficult to go wrong with Under Armor. Many of their styles are suitable to be worn in everyday life.

Nike Jordan Trap Arch Compression compression shirt - $23 is small price to pay for an item that is basically a modern day gladiator uniform!

Calvin Klein Micro Modal Long Sleeve Crew - $36. This is a crew T-shirt with ultra soft fabric that lays on your body perfectly.

Adidas TechFit Powerweb shirt - $19.95. Made of 25 percent spandex, this athlete's shirt is designed to offer special ventilation.

QUIKSILVER Bench Press Men's T-Shirt - $18.99. A perfect cut for the male upper body.

T. Micheal Long Sleeve Compression Wear Top #158 - $29.95 - A nice cut, polyester and spandex blend fabric.

PB Ribbed Cotton Muscle Shirt - The arm and neck openings on this sleeveless shirt are trimmed in 1-1/4-inch wide thinner ribbing. This gives both a masculine and sophisticated look.

Dwight Howard Compression Shirt - The Powerweb TECHFIT, a Adidas tank top that supposedly increases a wearer's vertical leap by 4 percent. It has Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) power bands strategically-placed to boost support to key muscle groups when jumping.

Not only do 'bench shirts' such as under-armour breathe well, keeping you cool, but they also tend to hug your muscles and make you look more developed and defined than you really do look, even without a shirt on. For example - if a regular guy works hard, sees results, and wants to show off- shirts like these make him look a little bigger and a little more cut than he might really be.

How to Shop for a Form-Fitting Shirt

You do not need to become a master at men's style standards. The key to buying the right shirt for you is to get the judgment of another reliable person. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we do not see exactly what others see. Other people see an accurate 3-dimensional image. When you look at yourself through a mirror, you see a flat, two-dimensional and reversed image. There are subtle differences. There are also angles that you cannot see on yourself because your head only turns so many degrees. Other people see everything. This concept is discussed in the article I wrote about practicing poses for modeling shoots.

Bring a male friend who understands the value of looking good. I guy who thinks women will sleep with him no matter what he wears is not a good choice to take with you clothing shopping.

When you shop for clothing, we recommend you taking a buddy with you instead of a girl. Here is why: Girls are hard-wired to marry and they are often competitive toward other women. (Some) girls don't want you to be attractive for other women. You're looking for good marketing when you buy clothing - items that will make you look good to the opposite sex. (You are marketing yourself, after all.) So, asking girls to help you pick out clothing that makes you look more muscular, and hence more attractive to - other girls - is asking their brains to short-circuit. Make your shopping experience without hidden agendas and secret motives. Take along a buddy who has good judgment and understands the importance of clothing.

If you are comfortable with your manhood, take a gay guy with you when shopping. Many gay guys (not all) have excellent fashion judgment and many styles that began in the gay world migrate to the straight world 6-9 months later. Plus, they look at guys all day and know what looks good on the male body. Telling a straight guy what looks good and what looks bad is the dream of any gay guy who has ever seen any fashion transformation show on the Bravo Network! Take their advice when it come to clothing, its valid and free.

Finally, if you cannot find anyone to go with you when shopping, ask a store sales person for their judgment on what looks good. But do not believe 100 percent of everything they say. Remember, they are there to sell you the most expensive shirt possible. Tend to consider shirts that initially look good to you without a lot of contemplation, rather than shirts the sales person brought to you as a substitute. Also, a higher price is not always better. Sometimes an $8 cotton blend shirt may lay on your body better than a $80 luxury shirt. And never buy the flashiest shirt in the store. Remember, it is all about subtlety.

If you want to invest some time to learning some style tips on how to look good for the ladies, we suggest ordering the Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style - $18.18 for basics.

How to "Appear" More Muscular in Photos

If you are interested in looking as muscular as you possibly can while wearing clothes, the next step is to obtain an excellent photo of yourself. Weather you are being photographed by a professional, or following our advice and taking snapshot of yourself (on your own), there are a few tricks you can do to make the resulting photograph show your muscularity as big as possible in the resulting photograph.

Of course the most obvious factor for photos is the model's muscle-oriented pose. We have listed a guide that shows you how to make your upper body look as wide as possible. It is a little confusing to follow, but the results can be phenomenal if you can learn the technique. Pro fitness photographers such as Los Angeles based "Totally Ripped" say its all about camera angle and lighting once the correct pose is chosen.

"A guy can have a perfect pose ruined or enhanced 200 percent with the right camera angle and lighting," says Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped. "Lighting from above is a big cheat. Many guys look at themselves in the mirror in the bathroom while being lighted by an overhead light. Then they come into the studio and want that same lighting effect."

Petrovich adds "the ability to choose the right angles, poses and lighting is why an aspiring model might make the extra effort to get professionally photographed by us. There are limits on how good they can look in photos created in their hometown. So, they visit LA for a shoot."

The use of baby oil on limited spots on your body can be a rack pro fitness models use. This video explains how a minimal amount of baby oil can make a model look more muscular in photos by creating light reflections.

Cutting Fat and Water Before a Photo Shoot

In addition to fat burners, such as , we suggest using Shredded-San 72 Hour Diuretic Formula, 70 Capsules. Although you are not competing in a bodybuilding show, the demands are the same and you can use these capsules to prepare for your photo shoot. Be sure to follow directions the directions shown on the bottle because cutting weight is a serious endeavor that can be dangerous to your health - especially without guidance of a professional fitness trainer. You don't wanna end up as a ripped corpse.

3 Recommended Books for Looking More Muscular in Everyday Life

Some guys seeking to get totally ripped wrongly assume that all they need to do is burn fat to get ripped. In the books below you will learn that only burning fat can have negative effects and work against you.

Some trainers advise simply burning fat to get ripped and other trainers disagree and think burning too much fat too fast can work against a guy seeking to get ripped. You will learn the details of the problem by ordering one of the following books on Amazon...

When doing cardio intensely, your body will begin to metabolize muscle, along with body fat, for energy if you heart rate gets too high. You can actually lose muscle by pushing your cardio training too far.

Built for Show: Four Body-Changing Workouts for Building Muscle, Losing Fat, and Looking Good Enough to Hook Up $7.98, 256-page paperback. 25 out of 29 reviews on Amazon were very positive. The appeal to a book like this is that it was written by a bachelor, for bachelors. There's a lot less exact science than usual, and a lot more practical instruction. You'll learn what about the male body women find attractive, and how to maximize those features on yourself.

Alpha Male Challenge: The 10-Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle - Build True Alpha Attitude by James Villepigue and Rick Collins - $17.81. This book is all about attitude as well as body transformation. The book encourages guys to reclaim the masculine, competitive edge they need to be on top of their game in every aspect of their lives. Interesting part: the book contains a "MaleScale" assessment questionnaire that measures the physical and mental traits that define the true Alpha Male. Interesting.

Build Muscle Lose Fat Look Great: Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Body by Stuart McRobert -$23. With a massive 640 pages, this is a major bodybuilding manual that is all about transform your body. The book encourages a high volume training (HVT) program and lists many many exercises to achieve your goals, along with the common pitfalls most guys stumble upon - when doing the exercises incorrectly. With more than 21 reviews from readers (mostly extremely positive) this is a great choice for someone seeking to look more muscular.

Now it is all up to you. Do you make yourself more muscular permanently by building some serious muscle, or do you make yourself appear more muscular when wearing clothing or when being photographed shirtless? Perhaps to boost your total image, you need to do all three? In any case, all three take planning. And when you are ready to take advantage of the attention you receive, let your looks propel you to registering to become a Campus Man and start gathering a personal fan club. There are hundreds of girls who want to be part of your success and overall "image."